Operational and Compliance Excellence

Sedric helps your business thrive by keeping communications consistent, effective and risk-free across all channels, media and customer journeys. For one-to-one interactions as well as public communications, Sedric ensures regulatory compliance and brand conformance.

Ensure full-coverage compliance for customer interactions

Sedric reduces non-compliance risk with automated regulatory monitoring and scoring that covers each interaction, at every touchpoint. And when regulations change – Sedric does, too.

  • Monitor ALL interactions in one pane of glass, across all channels and languages.

  • Instantly surface flawed interactions without tedious manual reviews.

  • Mitigate issues to keep customer journeys compliant.

  • Avoid costly fines and damaging publicity.

Enforce marketing content compliance across media channels

Today, marketing channels are more fragmented than ever before. Sedric ensures that each ad and all promotional content, on every marketing channel, complies with regulations governing ad content for your industry and offerings, and strictly conforms to corporate brand guidelines.

  • Pre-check traditional media, like print ads and outdoor displays before publication.

  • Monitor text, image and video ads distributed via digital channels such as search, PPC, social media placements and video sites.

  • Avoid fines, costly ad recalls and embarrassing mis-branding with quick, proactive discovery and quick remediation.

Maximize business success and minimize losses

Rely on powerful Sedric AI to surface business opportunities that used to be grasped only in hindsight. Optimize your team performance with best practice-based procedures, distilled from continuous Sedric analysis of all interactions.

  • Identify and flag high-value transactions, so agents can offer loyalty-building attention and VIP care.

  • Expose harmful unsanctioned behaviors such as overpromising and etiquette breaches.

  • Extract insights that guide action to avert churn and  revenue loss.

  • Provide management with a 360° view of customer-facing performance.

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