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Make every call great. Sedric’s Real-Time Assistant helps agents easily and confidently navigate calls in the moment, effectively improving compliance, performance, and consumer satisfaction.

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Sedric’s Real-Time Agent Assistant

Sedric’s real-time, dynamic checklists, prompts, and script templates guide agents through every call so they can focus on building rapport and optimizing collections, while remaining compliant and eliminating post-call surprises. Sedric makes it easy to provide your agents with best-in-class support and mentoring, whether they work at the office or remotely.

compliance guardrails

Make it easy and stress-free for agents to follow compliance guidelines and navigate obstacles, in real-time.

performance guidance

Help agents apply better negotiation, objection handling, and empathy-building strategies, in the moment.

agent on-boarding

Provide a real-time mentor that enhances agent confidence, compliance and outcomes, from their very first call or chat.

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How it works

Dynamic checklists

Real-Time Assistant guides agents through every call flow - scripted or “freestyle” - so they remember what to say and when to say it. It fully supports experienced agents who have their own call flows, enabling them to deliver their best performance in every interaction.

With every checklist item completed, Real-Time Assistant proposes the next best step.

In-the-moment prompts

Real-Time Assistant fully understands what’s being communicated in every conversation and instantly alerts agents to high-risk situations and revenue opportunities, providing clear guidance on how to successfully handle them.

Agent customization

Every agent is unique, and Sedric is here to help each one become a top performer. The Real-time Assistant provides personalized guidelines to agents based on their specific challenges and level of experience, fostering professional growth and agent retention.


Leverage the power of Sedric’s GenAI to have conversations summarized as they happen and boost agent productivity. Real-Time Assistant connects seamlessly with the AI Summarizerthat provides structured notes, ready for review as soon as the conversation ends.

Sedric’s real-time monitoring enables us to consistently discover training opportunities for our collectors. They are now able to maximize each RPC, resulting in 32% growth in cash collected.

Bruce Gray
President, Mercantile Adjustment Bureau LLC

Fully integrated into your workflow

Real-Time Assistant is part of the Sedric platform that covers your entire compliance and operations cycle. Seamlessly feed call recordings and chats into the AI Summarizer and the AI-Reviewer for automated monitoring, and have the AI Coach identify coaching opportunities for your agents.

Effortlessly document your mitigation efforts and pull comprehensive reports using Sedric’s Report Generator. No more juggling between platforms, no more falling between the cracks and data losses.

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