compliance with 
automated QA

Sedric’s AI Reviewer automatically analyzes 100% of your customer interactions and flags compliance and performance issues so you can better manage compliance risk, boost collections, and save valuable time across your organization.

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QA efficiency
accurate risk identification 

Compliance and Ops leaders love 
Sedric’s AI Reviewer

Goodbye random samplings, false positives and compliance blindspots. 
Sedric’s AI Reviewer provides the most accurate and efficient way to manage QA and compliance across your organization.

100% visibility into compliance & operations

Gain 100% visibility into your organization’s compliance status in real-time so you can instantly flag, prioritize and mitigate risks with pre-built and custom compliance trackers - no more blindspots and false positives.

performance insights

Boost agent performance by identifying individual issues and patterns and providing instant, personalized training designed to drive compliant revenue.

More efficient
and effective QA

Significantly decrease review time with automated reviews and high-alert triggers and free up your team’s time to focus on high-priority risks, opportunities, and initiatives.

Sedric surfaced compliance and performance defects on a much larger scale than traditional reviewing methods, giving us a full picture of training opportunities
Ronald A. Morano, Operations Strategy & Development, Mercantile Adjustment Bureau

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How it works

Automated QA - across ALL channels

AI Reviewer automatically analyzes outbound and inbound calls, chats, email, social media and instant messages, flagging compliance and performance issues as they happen. The system automatically generates mitigation and coaching tasks where required, so nothing falls between the cracks.

Sedric does the heavy lifting of detecting compliance issues in our various communication channels. Our scorecards are much more focused now and we mitigate issues as they arise, which is priceless.
Segev Tennenbaum, Regional Manager, Leverate


AI Reviewer makes it easy to create customer-specific scorecards to speed up client onboarding and improve client reporting, supercharge performance, and ensure everyone is focusing on the right things.

Multi-language QA

Sedric accurately monitors conversations in over 40 languages and translates them to English, so your QA team gets full insights into interactions in foreign languages without any guesswork.

Real-time dashboards

With AI Reviewer, you get instant compliance and performance reports highlighting trends, high-risk issues, and opportunities for improvement across your compliance and frontline teams. Put client reporting on auto-pilot and save valuable time.

Sedric’s automated reviews and high-risk alerts decrease review time, which is a core benefit for our Quality Control team. The team can better manage their time and focus on more sophisticated compliance areas. Furthermore, language barriers are no longer an issue thanks to Sedric’s multi-language translations.

Fabienne Zarifeh
Team Leader, Compliance and Quality Control

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