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Grow your fintech by hitting branding and regulatory compliance targets for every customer interaction, on any platform and channel.


Calls, emails, chats, videos, social feeds, and ads are all crucial elements of your customer and marketing interactions.

Sedric provides a single pane of glass for reviewing and analyzing multi-language branding and compliance touchpoints.

Speed & Scale

In today's dynamic environment, Sedric enables quick adaptation to changing regulations and business imperatives. 

By automating processes, teams are quickly onboarded, spend less time on tedious tasks, and focus on operational excellence.


Sedric leverages machine learning  to proactively recommend best practices and actionable insights.

Analyze risk profiles and customer sentiments to protect your customers and your brand, reduce churn, and identify growth opportunities.

"Sedric’s real-time monitoring enables us to consistently discover training opportunities for our collectors. They are now able to maximize each RPC, resulting in 32% growth in cash collected.
Automation enables us to increase QA efficiency by 4X, while gaining a deeper understanding of what happens on the collection floor. Now we can mitigate issues as soon as they occur."

Ron Morano

Vice President, Operations Strategy & Development, Mercantile Adjustment Bureau

"Sedric’s AI monitoring covers 100% of verbal communications between our customers and representatives which reinforces our high compliance standards. The automated reviews and high-risk alerts decrease review time, which is a core benefit for our Quality Control team. The team can better manage their time and focus on more sophisticated compliance areas with the confidence that accurate monitoring checks are being executed."

Fabienne Zarifeh

Team Leader – Quality Control & Monitoring,

"Sedric is an instrumental component of our compliance management processes. We trust Sedric to do the heavy lifting of detecting issues and flaws in our various channels of communication. Thanks to Sedric our scorecards are much more focused and insightful and we can mitigate issues as soon as they arise, which is priceless."

Segev Tennenbaum

Regional Manager, Leverate

"Not only did each team member double their interaction coverages, but we were also able to support more languages without expanding our staff! Sedric’s AI-based risk analysis guarantees that we focus our attention on interactions with the highest risk factor, and not on random ones. The superb customer service is a welcome added bonus."

Georgi Medzhidiliev

Chief Operations Officer, AnyTech365

    Getting started with Sedric is a snap


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    Seamlessly integrate
    with communication
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    Benefit from
    ‍AI-based monitoring
    and analysis

    Compliance that contributes to growth

    Whether your business focuses on trading, lending, payments, or other financial services, you’re most likely planning to broaden its offerings, penetrate new markets or offer services in additional languages. Sedric helps to grow your business while adapting to new regulations seamlessly, without any headache.

    Spend your time on the interactions that matter

    Not all interactions are equal — or equally important. Finding and addressing the ones that went off the rails and put revenues and brand equity at risk is not an easy task.

    Instead of manually choosing random interactions for review, Sedric identifies and flags the highest-risk interactions. The platform highlights critical issues that require immediate remediation, before they escalate.

    Improve your team’s performance, effortlessly

    AI-driven analysis provides you actionable insights into team members’ compliance and performance challenges. The platform creates individual training paths consisting of bite-sized videos helping reps maximize their knowledge and performance.

    At Sedric, security is built in

    Sedric is SOC 2 certified and protects your business -- and our own! -- by adhering to the highest security standards. All customer data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and access-control policies are strictly enforced.

    We regularly pressure test our systems and follow security best practices for financial service organizations. Our platform requires multi-factor authentication (MFA) and federated login methods.

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