Compliance Excellence
Platform For Fintech

Control the quality of every customer interaction with real-time compliance monitoring, detection and analysis. Protect your customers, minimize risk and build your brand equity!

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Calls, emails, chats, videos, social media messages, 
and others are all crucial elements of your 
customer interactions. 

Sedric provides your QC team with a single pane

of glass for reviewing and analyzing all compliance touchpoints. 

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Speed & Scale

With quality control automation, teams can be quickly onboarded, spend less time on tedious tasks and focus more on excellent service. Sedric also empowers you to adapt quickly to today’s dynamic regulatory environment

and business imperatives 


Excellence Network

Sedric’s collaborative network leverages ML to proactively recommend best practices and innovative approaches 
to protecting customers

and minimizing risk, based on wisdom accumulated from millions of customer interactions

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“With significant increases in regulatory scrutiny around the world, and constantly evolving financial regulation, Sedric gives fintechs an advanced platform to manage changing regulations quickly and easily.”
 Nate Meir, Principal, StageOne Ventures

Getting started with Sedric is a snap
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Initiate interaction monitoring, detection and analysis

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Integrate seamlessly with your various communication tools 

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Import or set up

your guidelines 

Spend your time on the interactions that matter

Not all interactions are equal — or equally important. Finding and addressing the ones that went off the rails and put revenues and brand equity at risk is not an easy task. 

Instead of manually picking random interactions for review, Sedric identifies and highlights interactions with high dollar value, or those for high-value accounts. We flag the most critical issues for immediate attention and ensure that worthwhile accounts are not overlooked.

Compliance that contributes to growth

Regardless of whether your business focuses on trading, lending, or other financial services, there are most likely plans in the works to broaden its offerings, penetrate new markets or add services in new languages. Sedric helps your business grow seamlessly, with efficient compliance smoothing the way. 

At Sedric, 
security is built-in

Sedric protects your business --and our own! -- by adhering to the highest security standards. All customer data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and access-control policies are strictly enforced.


We regularly pressure test our systems and follow security best practices for financial service organizations. Our platform requires Multi-Factor Authentication and federated login methods, on-prem, security, data privacy, etc.  

Ready to help your 
grow faster?
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