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Sedric’s compliance and performance excellence platform monitors all communication channels in real-time and provides collectors with the insights they need to promptly reduce risk and improve agent performance, while keeping operational costs low.

audited interactions

Automatically analyze every agent-debtor interaction for a complete view of risk, rather than relying on random sampling.

accurate risk identification

Our AI detects non-compliant practices with unparalleled accuracy in real-time, and without issuing a flood of irrelevant alerts.

Up to 20% increase in collections

Get full insight into every agent’s behavior and improve performance through instant feedback and tailored coaching.

Collection excellence. Decrease legal costs, increase revenues.

Having 100% of consumer interactions audited in real-time provides creditors, collectors, and lenders an accurate view of their compliance risk. Sedric’s automated workflow ensures that human error is immediately remediated and no task falls through the cracks.

Streamline compliance management

Sedric comes with off-the-shelf
Reg F guidelines and easy customization options to take the hassle out of compliance and change management. Quickly implement new rules and enforce their adoption, while keeping operational costs low.

Focus on high-risk interactions and minimize legal costs

With Sedric detecting violations in 100% of consumer interactions in almost real-time, you’re always aware of compliance risks and can start remediating as issues occur. Avoid costly litigation and fines and preserve your brand reputation

collection rates

Sedric provides full insight into agent performance and collection success. Individualized video training lets you get every agent the coaching support they need to optimize their performance and outcomes while remaining compliant.

How it works

Extract & archive

Sedric records and archives client interactions in any format, stores them in a central place and lets you easily document your processes for audits.

Detect & score

Sedric flags violations in each conversation and analyzes the interaction journey as a whole to detect omitted disclosures and steps, without producing a flood of irrelevant alerts. Automated scoring saves valuable agent time.

Manage workflow

Sedric automatically generates tasks to mitigate risks and improve agent performance. Manage all tasks in a single place and make sure nothing falls between the cracks!

Analyze & train

The Sedric dashboards provide you with a 360° perspective of your risk and performance, letting you drill down to individual events as well as discover high-level trends to train your team and optimize your operations.

Soon after we started using Sedric, it became an instrumental component in our compliance management processes. We trust Sedric to do the heavy lifting of detecting issues and flaws in our various channels of communication. Our scorecards are much more focused and insightful thanks to Sedric and as a result, we’re able to mitigate issues as soon as they arise, which is priceless.

Segev Tenenbaum,
Regional Manager
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Everything You Need
to Comply AND Excel

Single pane of glass

Monitor risk and performance across your full operation via one central interface


Monitor and analyze customer journeys across voice, chat, email, video, and social media interactions

Automated detection and scoring

Save your QA staff valuable time and increase your overall productivity

Multi-level dashboards

Provide agents and quality control, compliance, and management teams with the insights they need

Data privacy and security

Protect sensitive data with automated PII redaction and encryption

Workflow management

Manage all activity from alert to remediation and training in a single pane

Seamless integration

Quickly and easily integrate Sedric with all your communications systems

Customized video training

Improve performance through individualized video training based on each agent’s needs


Document your compliance processes and activities accurately and effortlessly

Do you have a lending operation?

Check out our solutions for lenders subject to Reg Z, UDAAP, and other lending regulations.

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