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Sedric’s automated communication intelligence platform analyzes interactions across all of your channels to help you optimize compliance and improve performance of client-servicing teams.

in any language

Gain full visibility into client interactions and agent performance on every channel, in any language, instead of random sampling.

Up to 50%
increase in QA productivity

Automate monitoring, flagging, and scoring and eliminate manpower-intensive manual reviewing.

Up to 40%
increase in

Leverage sentiment analysis and improve adherence to guidelines to increase customer satisfaction and increase sales conversions.

So much more than
a conventional speech analytics solution!

With Sedric you can now enhance the performance of your sales, customer support, and other client-facing teams. Leverage AI-based automation to boost revenue and productivity across your contact center operations, over voice, email, chat, instant messaging, video, social media, and other interactions.

Boost agent performance

Through actionable insights on adherence to sales best practices and personalized video coaching

Reduce complaints
and churn

through improved compliance with brand guidelines and sentiment analysis

Focus your attention
on where it’s needed

Automated real-time audits and scoring free you to deal with critical issues as they happen

Not only did each team member double their interaction coverages, but we were also able to support more languages without expanding our staff! Sedric’s AI-based risk analysis guarantees that we focus our attention on interactions with the highest risk factor, and not on random ones. The superb customer service is a welcome added bonus.
Georgi Medzhidiliev
Chief Operations Officer

    How it works

    Extract & archive

    Sedric records and archives client interactions in any format, stores them in a central place and lets you easily document your processes for audits.

    Detect & score

    Sedric monitors 100% of your interactions and detects deviations from guidelines and performance challenges in real-time. Automated scoring saves valuable agent time.

    Manage workflow

    Sedric provides important insight into your sales conversations. Understand compliance risks and obstacles to conversion, so you can address issues as they occur.

    Analyze & train

    The Sedric dashboards provide you with a 360° perspective of your team's performance, letting you drill down to individual events as well as discover high-level trends to train your team and optimize your operations.

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    Sedric’s automated reviews and high-alert triggers decrease review time, which is a core benefit for our Quality Control team. The team can better manage their time and focus on more sophisticated compliance areas with the confidence that accurate monitoring checks are being executed and reported in an efficient and timely manner. Furthermore, language barriers are no longer an issue thanks to Sedric’s multi-language translations.

    Fabienne ZarifehTeam Leader, Quality Control & Monitoring

    Everything You Need
    to Comply AND Excel

    Single pane of glass

    Monitor risk and performance across your full operation via one central interface


    Monitor and analyze customer journeys across voice, chat, email, video, and social media interactions

    Automated detection and scoring

    Save your QA staff valuable time and increase your overall productivity

    Multi-level dashboards

    Provide agents and quality control, compliance, and management teams with the insights they need

    Seamless integration

    Quickly and easily integrate Sedric with all your communications systems

    Workflow management

    Manage all activity from alert to remediation and training in a single pane

    Customized training videos

    Improve performance through individualized video training based on each agent’s needs


    Document your compliance processes and activities accurately and effortlessly


    Power your global operations with support for 40+ languages

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