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For Fintechs, customer protection is more important than ever. With manual compliance processes and first-generation technology solutions unable to keep up with the accelerating pace of regulatory changes and heightened regulatory scrutiny, fintech companies are increasingly at risk of

falling out of compliance.  


Sedric’s mission is to reduce compliance-related risk, accelerate growth-promoting business processes, and enhance the brand equity of firms that operate under stringent customer protection rules. 

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Nir Laznik

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CEO, Co-Founder

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Eyal Peleg

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CTO, Co-Founder

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Tomer Levi

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Noam Rom

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VP Sales

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Merav Shechter

Compliance & Strategy Director

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Asaf Raz

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Head of Customer Success 

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Ata Gokyildirim

VP of Growth 

Investors and Advisors
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StageOne Ventures

Omri Krigel copy.png
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Homeward Ventures

Alon Shemesh copy.png
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Co-Founder, Forter

James Kong copy.png
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Former MD, BlackRock 

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Advisory board

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Co-Founder, Chorus.AI 

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Former Partner, Innovation Endeavors

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